A B2C experience for your B2B customers?

Many buyers are holding sales reps at bay until they’re much further along the path to buy.
Rightly, this is a major frustration for B2B channel businesses. The key is to focus on the
experience your customers and prospect have of your business.

Remember, all prospects are people and consumers too, and as open to the effect of fashion
andtrends that impact all of us. The proliferation of digital devices has mean the world is in hurry,
information abounds. Peer and friends opinions and experiences are on tap and shared in an
instance. People are spoiled by the consumer experiences they have with leading brands like
Amazon and iTunes, so people don’t make allowances for shoddy B2B experiences anymore.
Consumer companies have raised the bar high, and B2B marketers need to respond.

There are six established characteristics of how modern B2B buyers now act:

1. View the marketing experience as if it were part of the customer experience.
2. They expect to receive tangible value at every step.
3. Research purchases and alternatives diligently before contacting sellers.
4. Failings in the “interaction experience” are a sign warning of future dissatisfaction.
5. They expect sellers to be conversant across all social channels – how do you do it?
6. They will share their product and service experiences across those social channels.

So, the marketing journey is just as important as the purchase. Well, that appears to
be a clear indication that B2B buyers are seeking to move from transactional, to the
more engaging relationship selling model, are you ready for that change?

Redefine the customer experience
Buyfers aren’t usually marketers…they don’tthink in marketing channel terms.
Marketers can obsess over collateral or campaign formats when the customer is in
fact looking for, in its purest form, information. The customer needs it to be the
right information at the right time – simple to use – they don’t care how it comes,
Twitter, email or phone –they just want to engage with what interests them.

You need to ensure everyone in the channel who interacts with customers knows
the message, proposition, and what content being shared with prospects. This can
be done through a combination of interactive engagement portals for channel
marketing communications, and training for one. You may need to share this
communication throughout your channel, resellers and partners and all their
field/internal sales teams…and they are consumers too.


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