Does content need a conversation?

Share CONTENT THAT MATTERS – three core principles
The ‘ART’ to successfully running Content Marketing programs (the activity of sharing valuable
insight / thought leadership throughout your target audience buying cycle) should follow three
core principles: Align, Repurpose & Track (ART).

Today B2B Marketers face a growing challenge to share more and more content with an audience
that has access to increasing volumes of information at the push of a button. The ‘buyers’ are now
more educated on the products and services they procure than ever before. So how do you marketers
‘cut through the noise’ and complexities to get their message heard?

1. Align Content to audience motivations
Content should be aligned to the motivational business needs of your chosen target audience.
More often than not, many marketers fall into the trap of pushing content that focusses on
‘how good their product or service is’.
Identify the individuals within your target audience and understand their motivations. I.e.
What do they want to achieve, what challenges are they facing and what triggers will motivate
them to move further along their buying cycle with you.

It’s also important to remember that business needs change throughout the buying cycle.
Understand where your target audience is in their buying cycle stage and align your content

2. Repurpose your content across multiple tactics
One of the main challenges facing marketers today is allocating the time to continuously create
the volume of new content; relevant and thought provoking enough to engage your target

Share your content across multiple tactics for example: emails, Infographics, virtual conferences,
Blogs, Tweets, Videos, mobile content etc. This extends the lifespan of your Content Marketing
program, reaches a wider audience and helps to manage the marketing teams’ time.

3. Track your success by Planning, Integrating and Measuring
Creating content as a tactic can get your message out there…but managing a successful
program through identifying clear goals, planning a schedule of activity in line with your
overall marketing strategy and measuring results against your goals will deliver success./span>

Content Marketing continues to play a key role for the B2B Marketer, but it needs to
be undertaken for the right reasons, in the context of an overall marketing strategy and
with clear expectations on delivery.


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