Celebrating direct and channel business by treading the awards red carpet

Everyone likes to win. We may pretend we don’t but the bottom line is that if our name is
on the roll call, we’ll be punching the air and smiling the broadest smile as we walk the
room to receive the plaudits. And why not?
Each and every day in business, the challenge is to be the best, to deliver the smartest,
greatest and most valuable resources to our customers. Satisfaction guaranteed, a job
well done.

And for a team there is the thrill of recognition, of being part of a greater whole and
knowing that your input made a difference.

At Panovus we have celebrated  achievements by our team and for our customers for
years, it’s a daily occurrence in our business, in the drive to meet goals and build revenues
for direct and channel sales in technology.

In our team, we are all rock stars and we are delighted to have been shortlisted for the
2013 B2B Marketing Awards in the category of ‘Best B2B Lead Generation Campaign’.
The champagne may not quite be on ice, but we’re thinking about that acceptance speech
and not tripping up the red carpet right now

Take a peek at the shortlist and find out more:



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