10 Top Tips for Creative Marketing Design – Part 1

1. Be brave
When it comes to marketing, bold is best. You want to intrigue your audience and evoke an emotion that sticks in the mind. The idea of stepping away from the norm and breaking the “rules” can be scary, but brave design stands out and standing out is what gets you noticed. Whether the response is positive or negative, a bold design won’t be forgotten and is the perfect fuel for debate amongst your audience. Be brave but always remember your target audience.

2. You can’t please everyone
We all have ideas we think are terrible, but never throw them away. Look at why you feel it doesn’t work and the strengths and weaknesses behind it. This will help to point you in the right direction and could be the spark to the perfect idea that will win your customer over.

An underwhelming response for your creative isn’t ideal, but don’t feel disheartened. If it doesn’t work for one customer then store it away and keep it in the memory banks – It may be perfect when adapted for someone else.

3. Stay up to date
Technology is always evolving and by keeping tabs on new products, industry developments and trends you’ll stay one step ahead of the competition. An up to date understanding of the mobile device market is a valuable asset to any company and when it is applied to creative it rarely fails to impress.

Design for mobile first and desktop after. Approaching a campaign in this way shows your customers that you can cater to their needs now, tomorrow and further into the future. Reassurance is key.

4. Talk to your customers
There are years of valuable experience inside your existing customers that can be used to your advantage. Talk to them and learn from them. Brilliant design rarely comes from nowhere so talk to those who have already bought from you to help better understand your audience.

Getting to the heart of your customers needs can help you shape and tailor-make a campaign that will not only fit them, but that will impress them. If you put time into researching your customer it will show, it will boost your customer’s confidence in your company and will broaden your experience.

5. Be inspired but never plagiarise
Designing for the marketing world can be tough. There are times when a brief, or brand guidelines, feel restrictive and the ideas just aren’t flowing. Take time to understand your customer’s voice and proceed to look for inspiration online. By understanding your customer’s message before you look into design you can gather inspiration onto a mood board and see the connection between all the pieces – It should really get the cogs moving.

Beth Matthews – Graphic Designer
Panovus Creative Team
(Part 2 – 27/09/2013)


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