Case study: Human contact, the key to Marketing success

An IT security provider was ready to expand outside of North America into EMEA. The UK would act as the central hub, but there was a Sales network of direct and Channel representatives spread across the region. Some inroads had already been made by Corporate Marketing in terms of raising awareness, but in order to achieve the required 300% growth, it was recognised that a targeted programme was required.

Meanwhile, more than 7,000 leads were languishing in its database from previous campaigns delivered by Corporate Marketing. It seemed clear that the Marketing /Sales processes weren’t operating efficiently in EMEA. For one thing, it was costing a fortune blasting emails out to all these contacts every month. For another, no progress was being made.

Discover how the introduction of human contact turned the situation around.

Key points

  • The exercise as a whole has aligned the client’s Sales and Marketing teams more closely and has established a framework for the lead process within their company.
  • By introducing lead scoring and identifying a specific target audience, we established a basis for the client in order to focus their limited bandwidth in the region.
  • The intelligence gathered in the exercise has helped the organisation to develop its growth strategy, and by analysing where the most up-take has been has meant that the direction of geographical expansion plans has changed.
  • Resources can be directed into those areas with the greatest potential growth.
  • Deliver ROI against investment in both Eloqua and sfdc.
  • Provision of a factual and valuable pipeline.

Read the full case study here!


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