Integrated Marketing: Are you really doing it?!

Everybody’s talking about it. Everyone claims to be doing it. I guess that depends on your definition of it. For us, Integrated Marketing is the name given to a strate­gic approach to bringing together multiple and disparate channels to market. The aim is to reinforce a single message in different ways, appropriate to the market­ing method being used and the place the tactic is being used in the sales cycle. It saves budgets and enhances the audience’s opinion of your organisation.

That would make sense, wouldn’t it? If you’ve got something to say to your audience, say it at the same time in different ways across all your channels to market. If your audience receives the same message and visual prompts everywhere they encounter you, they are more likely to understand what you’re trying to say to them.

Plan it. Build the content. Integrate the delivery across your website (don’t forget SEO!), PR, across social media and Direct Mail, in your speaking opportunities at events, in the content of your webcasts. How we express a concept in a Tweet or a landing page is very different from how we would deliver the same thing in an email and different again from a whitepaper. Each tactic moves each member of the audi­ence to the next stage in the sales cycle. BUT THE FUNDAMENTAL MESSAGE IS THE SAME.

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core message diagram_v2